Liars' League - stand-in is stand out!

The Phoenix, Cavendish Square.  Smack bang in the middle of town, basement bar - roomy but intimate- food, drink, seventy or more people, cool characters, facial hair (on the men of course), bright red lipstick, a little Boho, a little Kerouac and a stamp on my hand that says Free Drinks. My story RENEWAL is being performed. I arrive to find my actress is in A&E but the stand-in turns out to be stand out. With only five hours rehearsal, she nailed it.  When she reached the converstion between the main character and the transport police over the fate of the dying man she'd seen at the station - you could have heard an aitch drop.
The other stories were all high quality stuff; surreal, hilarious, poignant and well-written - worth a fiver of anybody's money. Look out for the recordings on www.liarsleague.com


the barnswallow: let there be light

the barnswallow: let there be light: A farmer and amateur photographer in Canada is in love with firefly light. He has tried to capture it using traditional methods of slow...

Do you want to help me write a story?

I want to write a story set in Wapping for a new collection based on overground stations - so I would like some suggestions for the following:
  • a main character's name
  • something that this character wants
  • an emotion
  • one unusual object
I'll try then and write a story based on those - you've got until tomorrow night.